Sunday, August 15, 2010

5 Great Books For Elementary Aged Students

Hello book lovers! My friend and follower Ann, from, asked me to suggest books for her elementary aged daughter. So I agreed! All of the books listed here are books I read and enjoyed when I was younger. I hope you enjoy these too!

1. "Family Stories You Can Relate to, A Reading Rainbow Readers book", by Marc Brown, Arnold Lobel, Cynthia Rylant, and many more wonderful children's books authors:

This book includes many entertaining stories for the whole family! There are other books in the Reading Rainbow Readers series also, but I chose this book because I love books that will get the whole family laughing! The Reading Rainbow Books are kind of old, so they might be hard to find in stores. If you can't find it in stores, you can buy it at amazon with the link right here!

2. The Junie B. Jones Series, by Barbara Park and Janet Brunkus:

This book is very funny! You will follow Junie B. through Kindergarten and 1st grade in this great book! The only down side to it is that sometimes Junie acts mischievous, and I'd hate for your child to pick up bad behavioral habits because of this book, so if your child picks up habits from books and movies, I'd say no to this book. Personally, I didn't pick up any habits when I read the books, but it all depends on the child. You can read the books in any order you like.

3. The Magic Tree House Series, by Mary Pope Osborne and Sal Murdocca:

These are good books that tell about times in history, so it is learning, with a splash of fun fiction! Jack and Annie are smart children that love to go on fun adventures in their Magic Tree House. You can read these books out of order at the start, but it is better to read them in order later on in the series. This is a book that is good for classes to read together because of the educational value.

4.The Puppy Place Series, by Ellen Miles:

These books are great for children who love animals. It is about a brother and sister who keep dogs as foster pets and try to find them homes. It is a very detailed book that your child will love. I did get emotional when I read the first book, but I still liked the series a lot, and I always looked forward to buying the next book at the school book fair.

5.The Janette Oke's Animal Friends Series:

Last but definitely not least, these books teach lessons and provide entertainment for animal loving kids! It talks about a variety of animals, most of them living in the forest. Janette Oke also writes adult books.

I hope this answers your question, Ann. I also hope it provide information for anyone needing new reading matterial for their little ones! All of these books would be good for both boys and girls. Remember, whenever you need movie, book, cd, or game suggestions, just comment on my blog and I will try my best to answer your request!
*If you would like to buy these books on Amazon, follow the blue underscored links for each suggestion.


  1. Great choices! We read Magic Tree House but the Reading Rainbow sounds awesome! I will look into it. Any suggestions for DS games for elementary (1st grade) children?

  2. What a great list! I love your blog - the look and content. I'll be watching for more:-)