Sunday, August 22, 2010

4 Great Nintendo DS Games for children 6 and up

My wonderful follower Ann ( liked the post I did about Style Savvy so much that she wanted to know about good ds games for 6 year olds. I have some games in mind that I hope will be helpful!

1.) Nintendogs Lab & Friends

This was one of my first ds games and I still play it occasionally! It is not too complicated, and it teaches you a little responsibility, because you have to feed, groom, and give water to dogs. You can walk your dog , enter your dog(s) (you can have up to three), into contests, and shop for supplies and toys. These are the three dogs I have on my game in the order I got them: Daisy (A yellow lab), Rachel (An orange poodle), and last but not least, Sammy (My new cute little Welsh Corgi). After you get better at being a trainer, the kennel gets more varieties of dog breeds. So it gives you things to look forward to! There are also different versions of Nintendogs, but I guess which one you choose depends on which types of dogs you like because there is also a Chihuahua and Dalmatian version. I've played this one for about 2 years, and it is very fun!

2.) Littlest Pet Shop DS Games

There is a variety of littlest pet shop ds games and they are very fun! But I will warn you that all of the games are pretty much the same, except for the pets available and a little more small differences. My cousins and I love the minigames and they always keep them laughing! It's hard to get them to put it down! You start out with 3 pets and earn money to buy more as you go. You can get toys and playsets for you and your pets to play with. I was kind of sad when I got my last pet and couldn't get anymore, but the game continues even after you get your last pet, which I love! Must-have for littlest pet shop lovers!

3.) My Baby First Steps

This is a great game that lets you watch your baby grow up! It gives you guidelines of what you are supposed to teach your daughter/son each month. It will make you laugh and it is also a good game to teach you responsibility! The only down side is that you can complete it very quickly, and I was very disappointed when I found out that after your baby grows up, you have to delete it before you can get a new one. That's why I only play it every once in a while so that my virtual baby boy, Jonathan, won't grow up too fast. But other than that it is a great game where you will feed, play with, teach, put to bed, change clothes on, and change diapers of your baby! This might require a little help from their parents, but soon your kids will probably get the hang of it! There are more "My Baby" games that I haven't played but I'm sure they're great too! This is one of the newer games in the series!

4.) Let's Draw!

Last but definitely not least, this game provides fun for kids that love to draw! It will teach you to draw a variety of animals, bugs, shapes and more with easy steps. You can color your drawings crazy colors and play with them in fun games. This game doesn't require a lot of reading, and it writes out and shows you the steps instead of only writing it out leaving you wondering what the directions mean. Your child will love it, especially if they love to draw!

I hope this review has given you all great ds game ideas! Thank you so much Ann, for being such an awesome supporter of my blog! And I also thank all of my other follows for making my blog more and more famous!

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  1. Excellent! Now I know what to buy for Christmas! Thanks!