Saturday, October 8, 2011!

  If you are a teen or young adult that loves horses and virtual worlds, is the website for you. Howrse is a game where you can start your career as a virtual horse breeder, and work your way to success.  You will start with one horse or pony of almost any breed or color, and gradually get more as you breed your horses.  Each breed of horse/pony has special traits, and you can train them to compete in competitions against other players' horses.  Once you reach 20 days of seniority, you can open your own equestrian center and earn equus (game currency) with each boarder.  As you can see, there is much to do on this amazing website!

  I started playing on Howrse last month, and cannot stop!  It is so entertaining, and I give it a 10/10 rating.  My user name is Lollipop!99, and you can send me any questions you have about the game once I start.  I will try to answer them to the best of my abilities.  When creating your account, it will ask you the player who told you about Howrse (sponsor).  Please type in my user name for that, and when you tell your friends about Howrse, tell them to type in your user name.  If they do, you will get advantages as they make progress.

  I hope you will enjoy this website as much as I do, and have much success as a horse breeder!