Saturday, January 29, 2011

Slither Scooter by Pulse

For the last few days it has been sunny and warmer than usual. This nice weather has alowed me to get outside and ride my Slither drift scooter by Pulse. It is called the Slither because the back of it spins out when you turn and it makes a slithering movement. It is so exciting to ride and I enjoy discovering new tricks and with every time I ride it I get better and more experienced. I think I agree with the recommended ages on the scooter: Ages 7+. I highly recommend the Slither and hope that there will be plenty more nice days to ride it!
P.S. Remember to always be safe and wear pads and a helmet when riding bikes and scooters!
Disclosure: This post was done about an item I own and wanted to share with others. I was not asked or compensated to post my honest opinion.