Monday, June 13, 2011

Kingdom Tales Book One: Tales of the Kingdom

If you love Christian books that the whole family will enjoy, be sure to read The Kingdom Tales series, by David and Karen Mains. These are very interesting books that take you into a new kingdom, which is the place for people hunting for something. This kingdom is home to a king who loves his people, and gave up his wealth for them. This Narnia-style series uses events in the kingdom to teach lessons and get across important points from the bible.
So, if this book interests you, start with book one: Tales the Kingdom this is a story of trust, introducing 2 runaway orphans. The older one soon learns to see the King, which requires believing. To learn the many other lessons of the kingdom read Book 1: Tales of the Kingdom, Book 2: Tales of the Resistance, and Book 3: Tales of the Restoration. These books might be a little hard to find because they are out of print, but there are several copies of each book on Amazon, some new and some used.
Be sure to read these magical books that are perfect for family story time or independent reading for all ages. By the end of the first book, you'll be yelling, " To the King! To the Kingdom! To the Restoration!"
*Disclosure this review was done on a product that I own. This post was my honest review of a book I wanted to let my readers know about.