Saturday, September 11, 2010

Tri-Cross Eco-Edition

Hi everyone! I recently played a cool game called Tri-Cross Eco-Edition! It is similar to checkers and requires 2-4 players. There are several different versions, and I prefer the 2 player face-up version. There are two ways to play that, and I like to play so that the first player to get all of the other player's pieces wins. It takes a fairly long time, it takes shorter time than Monopoly but longer than the Memory card game. It does require strategy, but is easier than chess the way I play it. I love that it is packaged in a cloth bag and the only thing that is not made of cloth is the pieces and the instructions! It cuts down on waste, and 10% of each purchase goes to an Eco-Friendly charity, so when you purchase it, little by little your saving the world!


I would say that it is a game for kids 9 and up! This game will have you thinking, and it will show you that reducing waste is just one game away! Please visit the Tri-Cross website today for helpful instructional videos. The videos helped me better understand the game.

*I was provided with the Tri-Cross Eco-Edition in exchange for my honest review. I received no monetary compensation for reviewing this product.

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